My book, Enjoy Life! takes you on a step-by-step journey toward better health, prosperity, and life-long happiness. I invite you to take that journey with me. Based on solid scientific research, and full of down-to-earth practical examples, we will walk toward a life of fulfillment and joy.

I am Dr. Lynn Johnson. I wrote this book because the new happiness research is the most exciting development in psychology in my experience of thirty years in the field. It truly changes everything! Yet books on happiness have been written by university professors, not by clinical psychologists who practice. So I have translated all the new research into practical ways of treating anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts.  I treat patients every day, so my book is practical and down-to-earth. These tools work, and work well. I want everyone to know about them.

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(Watch Dr. Lynn Johnson introduce one premise of his book)

What single, small thing can you do each day that will dramatically raise your happiness level? (Page 19)

Do you want the easiest, quickest stress management tool I have ever found? (Page 20)

Do events from your past still trouble you? I will give you simple step-by-step directions for walking away from the shadows of the past, toward a bright future. (Page 83)

How can you make your work a joyful, productive experience? How can an easy shift in your attitude at work make all the difference for success? (Page 127)

What secret about marriage can transform your closest relationship into a lasting, deep, satisfying union? (Page 113)

How do you find your mission in life? What are your unique talents? How can you increase your joy and satisfaction by playing to those talents? (Page 93)

What can you do that takes about two hours of your time, yet lifts your mood and defeats depression for up to three months? (Page 123)

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The perfect book for those struggling with the fears and anxieties of life that often overcome us. Learn how to reconnect to the childlike optimism of the past and create a life you never thought possible.”

– Stephen R. Covey, author, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness.

Based on the new science of Positive Psychology, this book shows you why being happy is serious business. Happy people are more giving and productive members of society. Happy people are much more likely, for example, to give blood, donate money, and give time to good and worthy projects.

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Happy people have better marriages. While we usually suppose that if we have a happy marriage, we will be happier – and there is good reason to think that – it is actually the case that when we become happier people, our marriage automatically becomes better.

Happy people raise happier kids. That is obvious. But in the last chapter of the book, I will share some speculation that happy parents might have happier great-grandchildren! That is, based on new findings in the science of epigenetics, it may turn out that happiness gets passed on for several generations.

So happiness is serious business. You owe it to yourself, your family, your employer, and your society to cultivate the practice of happiness. Get this book into your hands and start being happy tomorrow.

Who else is enthusiastic about
Enjoy Life! Healing with Happiness?

EAT THIS BOOK! Seriously, it’s much better than the alternative of medication. Consider this: Americans consume more anti-depressants than anyone else on the planet. At the same time, surveys consistently show us to suffer from record levels of depression and anxiety. Thankfully, Dr. Lynn Johnson shows us there is an alternative. Combining years of research on mental health and the latest insights from positive psychology, he presents a step-by-step plan for achieving the happiness that most search for but find elusive. Try it, you’ll like it.”

– Scott D. Miller, Ph.D. Co-director, Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change, Chicago, Illinois.

Dr. Johnson continues to push the leading edge in psychotherapy practice. An early leader of the brief therapy movement and then the outcome-focused movement, this book makes him a leader of the still developing field of “happiness-informed”positive psychology. Get on board if you want to learn from a master therapist how to truly be happy. If you are a therapist, here is a book to help you serve your clients in a powerful way and be on the cutting edge while doing it. If you are a client, or considering being a client of any type of therapy…First read this book!! And you may not need to go anywhere else. I highly recommend it.”

– Paul A. Finch, LCSW, has worked in counseling and family support programs with the US military over the past 18 years in programs in Virginia, California, Spain, Italy, and Germany. He is currently working for the US Navy in Washington DC.

In addition to being one of the most skilled psychotherapists I know, Lynn Johnson is a wise and compassionate person. This is evident throughout his eminently useful book. Reading it will lift your heart and spirit while simultaneously providing solid, empowering information highly meaningful to any one who has wrestled with problems and longs to live a more satisfying and rewarding life. I totally recommend it!”

– Yvonne Dolan, international trainer in Solution-focused Brief Therapy, co-author (with Steve de Shazer) of More Than Miracles: the State of the Art of Solution-focused Brief Therapy, Tales of Solution: A Collection of Hope Inspiring Stories ( with Insoo Kim Berg), author of One Small Step: Moving Beyond Trauma and Therapy, Resolving Sexual Abuse and other books.

Dr. Lynn Johnson has written a powerful and empowering book based on the latest positive psychology research and put in his inimitable style. You’ll be happy you read it.”

-Bill O’Hanlon, M.A., Santa Fe, New Mexico, author Change 101 and over twenty-eight other books on psychotherapy.

Better than medication if you are depressed — and if you’re not depressed, this book gives you the tools to have an even more enjoyable life. The strategies are incredibly powerful and practical — all presented with a sprinkling of Johnson’s wonderful humor. Written in a warm and engaging style, I found this book to be exceptional. It is one I will highly recommend to all of my patients, family members and friends.”

- Dr Barbara McFarland, Cincinnati, Ohio.

I had always assumed that some people were just born cheerful and optimistic. Dr. Johnson’s new book takes the mystery out of finding happiness and puts it within everyone’s reach–without medication. It breaks the essential components into small, do-able pieces, even for the crustiest pessimist. It’s a perfect handbook for every bedside.”

Sally Linford.

Written in a personal style, Dr. Lynn Johnson successfully brings positive psychology principles to every reader’s fingertips. This helpful and practical digest is a fantastic reference manual and, when used, an excellent source of emotional support.”

– Julie Valdes, JD.

Dr. Lynn Johnson’s book is very accessible. Who doesn’t want to enjoy their life? He uses easy to understand stories to illustrate complex issues. My family and I have used his surefire methods, they are very effective. He teaches how to confront and let go of fear, resolve anger and jumpstart relationships along with many interesting and helpful tidbits to add more deep down happiness to our lives. He is a happy and enjoyable person to be around and his personality shines through in this book. Buy the book and follow the simple steps – you will be happier and healthier and glad you did, and so will those around you.”

– Lorna Brower.

“If you buy only one book about happiness, this is the one. Proven, easy techniques to turn stressful situations into pleasant experiences, and to learn to enjoy the people who should mean the most to you. This book has changed my life.”

- Karla Nielson, Assistant Professor, School of Family Life, Brigham Young University

Do you wonder, “How can I be my best self?”

I want you to know the science of being your best, including connecting with others, enjoying daily experiences, and contributing in society. Join me as we walk toward the highest and best self. With special sections on discouragement and depression, anxiety, fears, and obsessions, anger and resentment, and relationships, I believe you will find this book thoroughly helpful.

Would you like to know some secrets about happiness and being the very best you can?

What is the best treatment for depression?

Raising your personal happiness level!*

*Dr. Marty Seligman and associates found that simple happiness exercises were equal to or better than treatment as usual, including medication and cognitive therapy, for depression.

What works best for burnout?

Raising your happiness level!*

*Dr Tait Shanafelt and associates found that medical doctors who raise their happiness levels were much less prone to burnout.

How do we overcome fears, anxieties, or worry?

Raise that happiness level!*

*Dr Michael Frisch finds that improving quality of life is a better treatment for anxiety than treatment as usual.

How do we keep trauma and tragedy from damaging our lives?

Raise your personal happiness level.*

*Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has shown how happiness before a disaster prevents post-traumatic stress disorder. Happy people simply bounce back more quickly.

“When I’m rich, I’ll be happy
How about practicing happiness now, and get rich later?

“When I’m successful, I’ll be happy
People high in happiness rise to the top of the success pile, without even trying hard.

When I’m . . . you name it, people postpone living life fully until they achieve it. Now lets be clear. It does seem like we are happy after some of the things we wish for come true. But then happiness fades and we are back to where we were before.

What you may not know is that psychologists now know how to go directly to happiness. We now know many specific tools that will raise joy, connection, peace and creativity, tools that have been actually tested and found to be powerful.

Happy people seem to have good things flow to them. Their happiness causes success. “Successful” people are often still unhappy, because they hoped success would bring happiness and it didn’t.

But happy people find success coming to them.

Join them!

You see, we are all postponing our happiness as a reward for achieving something. Turn it around! Practice joy, connection, and meaning right now and let the other goals follow.

Best regards,

Lynn D. Johnson, PhD

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